Grass extract


Grass extract is made on the base of a description of a very old recipe.
We don’t know how old it is. It was used against anemia. The name they used isn’t clear to me.


It has a powerful purifying effect on most of the organs of the body and the blood circulation. What it all can do is not entirely clear to me………

Viruses and bacteria are combated through antibiotics or bacteriophages. Plant extracts didn’t make part of it jet. Plants have their own drainage- and defense system. Grass extract is the defense liquid of grass.


The Extract helps particularlywell against headache (by migraine the result is lower), bad sleeping, fatique and apathy. If, for example, the headache is a result of an accident, of Lyme disease or the use of the pill it will not or barely help. Is there no obvious cause, at about 60% of the people who use Grass extract, the disease completely disappeared. Last year we could help on average one person a month.


Usually the Extract is taken before bedtime. Take a cup of tea with half of the cup Grass extract and drink it. Do this preferably on weekends. After taking the Extract it is advisable not to participate in traffic for at least 6 hours. You will be overcome by sleep. However, you wake up to urinate, even if you normally don’t have to pee at night. After ingestion of Grass extract (almost) everyone have to pee at night.
The remaining of the Extract can be frozen and you can use it, if the symptoms occur again, in 3 to 6 months again. The average is sex months, but there are also people who can keep it at one time.


Grass extract is in the form of ice cubes or small cups of approximately 15 cc. These can be sent by post. Because we have no experience over the internet with this product, the first 200 orders are for the price of shipping costs.