Voice lost, now what


Jacqueline Blessing used to be an opera singer. Nowadays she gives private singing lessons and supporting lessons to a diverse number of people, from classical till pop music (even punk rock……).


Jacqueline is regularly called in to provide assistance to singers and speakers with voice problems. A voice which is seriously blocked, because of a cold or other voice problems. They usually approached “La Blessing” (nickname) a few days before an event, usually very shortly. A disaster, a matter of urgency! “Doesn’t matter” Jacqueline says, “The program is ready.”


First the situation will be discussed. What are the possibilities, which can be adjusted by means of tricks and tidbits yet to create an opportunity for a fair action. In these situations the most contact with La Blessing is by the internet. Quickly and at different times connection is possible, even over long distances. Some students even get their weekly lesson from her by internet.


Jacqueline ensures that the person is provided with Grass extract as quickly as possible. He or she follows the usual manner. Next morning, cheerful, without the annoying amount of mucus in the throat. Initially a bit hoarse (Grass extract removes much moisture in the body). The purifying effect of the extract has been done, its proper. Exercise and the custom lesson of La Blessing can be put in motion. At her instruction, in consultation, the script is finished for at least a reasonably good performance. 



Jacqueline can be reached by
E-mail: jfbqueen@gmail.com
Phone: 003155-5223424