The time off ingestion of Grass extract is usually before bedtime. You become very sleepy. For people who are very tired it is advisable to do it very shortly before sleeping.

After taking in, do not take part of traffic for the first 6 to 8 hours. You might be overcome by sleep. Therefore, choose the right time of ingestion (for many, it might be at the weekend).


Ingestion, in combination with medications you have to think about it carefully. May be divided one amount over several days. The user is always responsible for it.

Grass extract is a natural product, no chemical additives for durability. For large quantities, more than 100 cc of Grass extract, you can get a dehydration. Most people get irritated. Usually we give one ice cube per person, this amount is far below the 100 cc. Do not exceed a maximum of one ice cube per 14 days.


About side effects and allergies it is still unknown. When people used to drink water from the old-fashioned pump, they had a chance to get traces of Grass extract.


After ingestion it could give a certain (delicious) feeling, mostly in the head. Grass extract purifies extremely strong, at all the places of the body. Remember or write anywhere where you have those special feelings. A headache/migraine may be as a result of any other organ in the body. The day after ingestion, you have a pleasant feeling and you are more attentive (another ingestion within 14 day, gives no affect). After approximately one month till six months you need another half ice cube Grass extract. More is usually not necessary.


I have no medical background, for the Dutch law; I am an amateur. I try to help everyone as much as possible. Most of the knowledge gained by experience. Knowledge of botany is present. By any damage no compensation is paid.


The conventional pharmacy etc. generally have no interest in Grass extract. Some healers are not opposed to Grass extract. Doctors mostly do a lot of work by of the headaches/migraine, this is very important to me. Please do not be negative towards the mainstream healers. It is a very difficult matter. If you are very satisfied of Grass extract, do not have negative statements towards conventional medics. I don’t feel responsible for that.


Grass extract is supplied in the form of ice cubes. I keep it in the freezer. To make sure no one takes the wrong bacteria, I recommend to do the ice cube in a cup of hot tea.