Which (may) have effect


From experience, the intake of Grass extract has a particular effect on:

– Headaches / Migraine

– Bad sleeping

– Lethargy



Where are likely possibilities:


Grass extract was known as a remedy for anemia. So far this has not been tried yet.

An ailment that is usually due to excessive smoking. Grass extract purifies huge, possibly the respiratory tract too.

Disease Takayasu
The disease Takayasu was the start of the search. The Netherlands has very few people with this disease. The purifying effect of Grass extract may have a beneficial effect on the circulatory.

Arteriitis Temporalis
As with the “disease of Takayasu ‘ Grass extract has potential beneficial effects in people with Arteriitis.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
I would like to try it with someone, because the Grass extract strongly purifies..

As a replacement for antibiotics
A naturopath had (tried various remedies longer time) double pneumonia, which he could not get rid of. After ingestion of Grass extract the pneumonia was completely gone the next day.

Unpleasant body odor

One woman tried to get rid of the odor. She tried many remedies, after Grass extract it was definitive away.