The late 80’s I came across an oddities dealer and found a recipe made of grass in a kind of notebook. At first I thought; “This cannot in such a way …” But the people of the past were not stupid…. About grass, many things are known by me. It was fascinating. The recipe could be centuries old. Due to the complex way of harvesting it might be forgotten. From Venezuela we had something with the ingredients of a particular grass. They used it against strong aging traits. A woman in the age of 50 had a wrinkled face. After using the recipe departed the skinfolds were almost gone, she had a tight scalp again.


In 2001 I started making Grass extract, after someone asked me if I knew anything against the disease Takayasu. His daughter had this disease. Once the recipe was ready, I contacted the father. Unfortunately I never heard from him … A year later, I took the product on the evening myself. It worked great for me. I was light-headed, began to sleep and felt great. Afterwards I just knew, a strong headache made part of me. An ice cube of about 25 cc per year is sufficient against the headache for me.


Following this success, it went slowly on with many obstacles and misunderstanding. A woman of 75 years with the disease Lyme had enormous benefits from the product. A naturopath had double pneumonia where he could not get rid of. A day after taking the Extract the pneumonia was gone. Some people with much stress fell asleep after ingesting the Grass extract and were refreshed. Of all these persons, about 75 people, no one has a cancer received afterwards. The naturopath wrote in his report; Grass extract has a huge purifying effect.


 A research laboratory indicated that there is a low amount of antioxidant in the Grass extract.